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AI and Technology Translation

Automating the unnecessary work so that your order finishes faster and with greater efficiency.

At Harry Clark Translation we want to make sure your work is translated with accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, with the help of top technology, we have created a translation workflow that calculates and analyses your documents so that our qualified translators can efficiently translate your documents. In addition, we use sophisticated translation software that ensures accuracy every time. Therefore, we automate the unnecessary and tedious work, so our translators can focus on what is really important, delivering quality translation with efficiency and technical accuracy.

Translation API

Translation API for seamless translation.

At Harry Clark, we want to maximise your time and make your translation process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Therefore, with the help of our translation API’s we can ensure you receive your translation by having our systems do all the talking. Simply contact us now to request a translation API. Once approved, simply retrieve the translation via our unique API identifier and your good to go. Translation made simple.


Create your own glossary so that we may use the specific words that align with your brand.

At Harry Clark Translation we want to make sure you grow your presence with accuracy and consistency. Therefore, with the help of top technology, we have can create a glossary to help us do just that. Simply provide us with a glossary that you would like us to use during translation, and we will apply those same words and phrases. Allowing you to stay consistent in your brand communication and identity. If you don’t have your own glossary, don’t worry, with the help of our senior translators, we can create one for you. Guaranteeing consistency in branding and subject appropriate terminology. Therefore, helping you communicate the same message in all languages.

Translation Analysis System

Memorise repetitive words so that you may receive a consistent translation at an affordable price.

At Harry Clark Translation we understand the importance of consistency and translation reliability. Therefore, we have adopted a system that memorises repeated words in your document. That is, once our system recognises repeated words, not only will it recommend the same translated word is used throughout the entire translation, but it will also notify us the number of repeated words so that we only charge you with the number of new words in your document. Ensuring honesty and reliability.

Translation Memory

At Harry Clark, we want to ensure you receive the best value for your money. This is done with the help of our Translation memory technology, This technology compares previously translated documents with the newly requested document and calculates the number of repeated sentences between one another. That is, once the system recognizes the number of repeated sentences, it uses the exact sentence in the new translation document. Not only does this ensure consistency throughout, it also ensures affordability as we don’t charge for the recognized sentences saved in our Translation memory.

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