Do You Think Translator’s Job is Full of Challenges?

Do You Think Translator's Job is Full of Challenges?

Have you ever tried to classify jobs? Some may fit into the category “dangerous”, or “well-paid”, or “difficult”. Actually, the list can be very long and the suggestions can turn to be numerous. But if you were asked about translator, would you say is translator’s job difficult?

What Makes a Translator Good One?

What Makes a Translator Good One?

Do you think that quality translations can be done just like that, without having any unique qualities, without practicing the target language? Many would say they wish it would be so. Let’s concentrate today on what is an excellent translator and how to motivate oneself to turn into a good one.

How to Start Quality Assured Translation Process

How to Start Quality Assured Translation Process

A unique feature of the Harry Clark Translation ‘Quality Assured Translation’ process is a particularly intensive editing stage, which incorporates a form of back translation carried out by a native speaker of the source language. Through this cognitive process, our editors can verify that the translator understood and correctly conveyed the intended meaning and any […]

Checklist for a Great Translation

checklist for a great translation

If everything worked the way that you need to address a translation company – have these questions ever came into your mind: how do I know that this version of the translation is a great translation? How do I know that I can trust this translation?

Translation and Ethics

translation and ethics

When it comes to translation and ethics, you’ve got more to think about and understand than just making sure that words are properly used in a sentence. But that’s what makes it such an interesting area.