Guaranteeing technically accurate and culturally competent results by authorised translator.

At Harry Clark Translation, we aim to become your one-stop shop for all your software localisation needs. Whether you require user interface localisation, AI e-learning and Training translation, Gaming translation, or a full software localisation, we’ve got you covered. Simply contact us and receive a quote to connect via our translation API. At Harry Clark Translation, authorised translator, we offer the most sophisticated API’s so that we can continue translating and you can continue developing with ease. In addition, our resources allow for in-house content extraction from 50 file formats and 15 content sources. At Harry Clark Translation, we pride ourselves with technology. Therefore, with the help of AI, we have adopted technologies such as glossaries, Adaptive Neural Machine Translation, and translation memory to assist our already qualified linguists and to ensure accurate, affordable, and agile translation. Guaranteeing technically accurate and culturally competent results.

Some of our software localisation services we are expert in:

  • User Interface Localisation
  • Customer relationship management application
  • String Translation
  • Payroll & Billing software
  • Full app localisation
  • Inventory and asset management software
  • Full Website Localisation
  • Database & Storage software
  • AI Training Translation
  • Point of sale and customer purchase software
  • GUI Strings localisation
  • Firmware

Our most popular file formats

File formats such as MP3, MP4, PDF, Word, XML, SRT and many more.

Some languages we translate to:

Chinese Japanese
German Russian
Ukrainian Arabic

How it works

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    Send us your File OR Connect via API

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    Confirm your order

  • Step 3

    Receive your order

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