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Driver License translation

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Driver License translation
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Driver License translation

Navigate New Zealand Safely With Certified Driver License Translation

If you are visiting a foreign country or working for an international company, make sure to navigate the streets safely and most of all legally. A driver license translation services can put your minds at ease knowing that you are properly authorized to drive any vehicle. For legal documents like driver’s license, you need more than just linguistic expertise.

It is a must that you driver license translation is carried out by a translator who is proficient in both the source and target languages. The linguist that is assigned to this task should also possess a vast knowledge in terminologies and nuances involved in driver license translation.

Convert your driver’s license into an eligible document that is accepted not only in your home country but also internationally. A driver license translation services can do that for you!


We are an officially certified translation agency and a leading provider of professional and certified driver’s’license translation. Having the experience working with a variety of clients, we understand that each translation is different and that each client needs to be approached from an individual angle. Your license will not only be translated by a native speaker of your target language but will also be fully certified, inclusive in the price.


If you have an overseas driver license that is not in English, or plan to replace your driver license with a New Zealand one, Harry Clark Translation can provide certified translation for this driver license that is recognized by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), so the visitor can use this translation for driving in New Zealand.


Our driver’s license translation states:

  1. that it’s a ‘true and an accurate translation of the original document’
  2. the date of the translation
  3. the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company

Our Drivers License Translations are:

  • Fully certified
  • Fully authenticated
  • Fully approved
  • Accepted by NZTA*

*However, we are not part of NZTA; so in case you have any questions regarding the requirements for driving in New Zealand, please contact them directly.


Why Do I need Drivers License Translations in New Zealand?

You can use our certified translation (together with your driver licence):
  1. You can rent a car/van from a  car rental company, and to drive legally on New Zealand roads for 12 months.
  2.  Your overseas driver licence converted into a New Zealand driver licence, to drive in New Zealand permanently.
  3.  To use it for other legal purposes as an identification.
  4. To apply for a tax number in New Zealand.


Terms and conditions of translation

Certified Translation Services do not have to be complicated and expensive. We understand that and translate a standard driver’s license within just 24 hours of receiving the document. You may scan and email over your document to save time. Once translated we send out a first-class copy in the post which will be fully certified, stamped and signed by our management team.


Why choose us as a translation provider?

Harry Clark Translation is a New Zealand translation agency providing professional certified translation services for all kinds of documents in over 75 languages. Our translations are carried out by specialized native translators with at least 3 years of experience. We use the latest information technology for our project management (TMS) as well as memory management (CAT), in order to provide best human quality translation within the fastest time.


Harry Clark Certified Translation in Auckland is proud to offer a comprehensive, all-in-one service. We leave no stone unturned to cure your international headaches. We understand the challenges facing global businesses in today’s highly regulated and competitive marketplace and the importance of getting corporate communications right.

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Why Harry Clark Certified Translation Services

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We have been a well-recognized and certified translation office in Auckland for years and we know how to stand out from the crowd. We offer best low fixed prices and no extra charges or hidden fees. Once you fill the Translation Request form on our website, you will get the price in seconds.

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Once your translation order is placed successfully, your files will be sent to all our translation offices to be picked by competent translators. And to make it faster, we accept payments in many ways including: credit card and PayPal. That will make us able to finish translating your files as fast as possible and deliver your translation sharp on the promised time to your doorstep or email.

Best Quality Translation services Auckland

Best Quality Translation

Harry Clark Certified Translation Auckland offers high-quality translation offered by highly-trained and qualified native language translators. Harry Clark Translation applies the highest industry standards and certified by NAATI, TOLES, MSP, MST, embassies and directories in New Zealand. Harry Clark is also certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, and ISO 17100:2015

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