Certified Translation

100% acceptance guarantee, recognised by any legal and government related applications. But more importantly – NO HIDDEN FEES!

  • Website Localisation

    Translate your website or app in any language

  • Software Translation

    Content extraction in over 50 file formats and 15 content sources

  • Document Translation

    Providing Technically accurate terminology and culturally fluent translation

  • Video Translation

    Text extracting, spotting, word memorising, translation, correction & simulation

  • Technical Translation

    Technical vocabulary completed by technically aware translators

  • e-learning localisation

    Maximise Impact and translate content in any language

  • Audio Translation

    Ensuring consistency, accuracy, and agility

  • Marketing Material & Sales Translation

    Scale your business globally with ease via technical and culturally competent translation

  • Multilingual survey Translation

    Reduce your margin of error and make your survey available to all

  • Blog Translation

    Capture your readers from all around the world

  • Reports & Manuals

    Ensuring technically accurate translation in any language

  • Legal Translation

    Translated by technically qualified experts with elevated security of document

Supported languages

Harry Clark Translation offers comprehensive and professional translation services across several language combinations which include the most widely spoken languages and many prevalent dialects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I send you my original document?

A. We do not require your original documents to carry out the translation. We will attach a copy of the document you send us to the back of the translation. Unless your original document needs to be apostilled, for use overseas, we do not need to see your original document to carry out the translation. However, the overseas authorities may require you to present the original document with the translation.

Q. What is your price?

A. We maintain simple discounted pricing. For certified translations, we charge NZ$45 for a standard certificate or driver license. For other document translation we charge on average 20 NZ cents per source word. However, this unit price differs depending on language, document technicality, and wordcount.

Q. How soon do you deliver?

A. Certificates are usually delivered in one working day. Larger textual documents are delivered on an average of 1500 words per day.

Q. How do you professionally translate a website?

A. At Harry Clark, a perfect combination of human translators and Computer-assisted-technology (CAT) tools are utilized to provide our clients with perfectly translated websites. We offer website translation services in over 75 languages, ensuring the provision of high-quality translation services at the most affordable rates. Our professionals in the team also manage and update the website’s content using the latest technical tools, so that you don’t have to worry about the integration needs.

Q. How do handle translation projects from different industries?

A. At Harry Clark, we have industry-specific translators who possess the required linguistic expertise and cultural competence. We have medical translators, legal translators, technical translators, and many more. Such a team of professionals ensures that the translated documents contain the unique terminology, jargon, and other requirements of the industries they are working in. Our translation services fulfill the language needs of businesses across various industries.

Q. What is the difference between NAATI-certified translations and NZSTI-certified translations?

A. NAATI refers to the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters while NZSTI refers to the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. These are two separate certification bodies based in Australia and New Zealand. Harry Clark New Zealand holds the certifications for both of them. We are a premier translation company in New Zealand, dedicated to providing certified and professional translation services at the most affordable rates. Our certified documents are accepted worldwide.

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