If you need a document translated into English or another language, you can organise the translation yourself or use the Department of Internal Affairs Translation Service.


Translating documents into English

Get a document translated into English so you can use it in NZ.

You can organise the translation yourself or use the Department of Internal Affairs Translation Service.

You might be able to get a basic translation from the Translation Service – they will translate only the information that is needed by the NZ organisation. This is called a selective translation. It costs $75 for each document.

You can get a selective translation for a:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • death certificate
  • police clearance
  • name change certificate
  • driver licence.

If you are applying for NZ citizenship, you can use the same translation you used for your immigration visa application. You don’t need to get a new translation of the document.


Submit your form

You can send your application and documents by email, post or courier or bring them to 1 of the Translation Service’s offices. You don’t need to send the original documents — a copy is fine.

This is the detailed information for each way of document submission.

Email: translate@dia.govt.nz



Translation Service

Department of Internal Affairs

PO Box 805

Wellington 6140



Translation Service

Level 5, 120 Victoria Street

Wellington 6011


In person


Lower Ground Level, National Library

70 Molesworth Street




Level 6, AA Building

99 Albert Street

Auckland Central



7 Ronwood Avenue

Manukau 2104



Level 1, BNZ Centre

120 Hereford Street

Christchurch Central


Pay the fee

You need to include payment information when you send your documents. You can pay by:

  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express — include your card details when you send your documents or include a phone number if you want to give your card details over the phone
  • cheque made out to the Department of Internal Affairs
  • money order
  • EFTPOS or cash if you order your translation in person.


If you’re a company

Companies ordering translations can choose to be invoiced after the translation is done. If you want to be invoiced, include:

  • your postal address or the email address for your finance department
  • any reference you’d like on the invoice.


How long it takes

Selective translations will be returned to you after 2 to 4 working days. Other documents may take longer.

You can pay $90 to have your documents translated urgently.


Get a translation to use in another country

When you need to use an NZ document in another country, you might be asked to get the document apostilled or authenticated. You might also be asked to get the document translated.

The Department of Internal Affairs Translation Service can do the translation as part of your application for an apostille or authentication, or you can organise your own translation.


Use the Translation Service

It costs $85 for each standard translation by the Translation Service. They will tell you if the fee is different for your translation.

On the application form for an apostille or authentication, say which language you want your documents translated into and spell all the names you want on the translation.


Organise your own translation

If you organise your own translation, you need to get it notarised by a New Zealand notary public.