Employment documents

Affordable, Accurate and Agile Certified translation

Harry Clark translation is a service you can trust to efficiently deliver all your certified employment documents at a low cost. Whether you require employee-employer contract translation to terms and agreement documents, at Harry Clark we can translate and certify all. Our competent translators assisted by top technology ensures that you receive the best quality for the best price. Simply Get Quote Now and we will take care of the rest.

Labelling and Packaging

Ready to use, certified translation services

Need a certified translation service that can certify your documents comply with food regulations. Look no further! Harry Clark translation has adopted such a system that guarantees quality translation at an affordable price. At Harry Clark, we understand that every brand has its own unique style and therefore, communicates with their customers in their own way. Therefore, we can create your own individualised glossary. This ensures that we use the style of words you want us to use. Keeping the way you communicate your brand to your customers just the way you like. Some Food and Drinks translation we offer are:
Packaging translation (Add a DTP service to receive an exact mirror image of your document)

  • Labelling Translation
  • Compliance reports
  • Food Audits
  • License translation

Medical Documents

Technically accurate, efficiently delivered translation services

Looking for accurate and efficiently delivered certified translation? Look no further! Harry Clark translation can meet all your requirements with a hit of a button. Simply upload your documents and complete your order in no time. At Harry Clark Translation, we understand that medical documents can be technical and hard to read, we also understand that these documents are confidential and private. Therefore, our data security measures in place, ensure we return your documents in confidence that no external had access to your private information. Some Medical Documents we Translate:

  • Medical Reports
  • Medical Devices
  • Patient Information
  • SOP’s
  • And Many More!

Legal documents

Ready to use certified, legal translations

Harry Clark is an officially recognised translation provider for certified legal documents. We have been trusted by many to provide quality certified translation, from immigration lawyers, contract and intellectual property lawyers and beyond. Our technically aware translators assisted by top technology ensure that you receive the best price for the best quality. At Harry Clark we also understand that some content needing translation are private and confidential, therefore, we have set up additional security measures so that only the people who should see your documents can see your documents. Some legal services we provide are:

  • Affidavit
  • Certificate translation
  • Text-chains / Audio
  • Messages
  • Intellectual property translation
  • Contract translation

Financial documents

Technically accurate and efficiently delivered certified translations

Harry Clark Translation understands the extensive technicality of financial terms. We also understand that not any translator is competent enough to translate such work. Therefore, we ensure that only our financially technical translators along with top technology and terminology databases complete the job. So, you won’t have to worry about poorly translated documents. Harry Clark Translation is an officially certified company for any New Zealand translation. We guarantee technically accurate quality translation at low costs and fast delivery. Some financial services we provide are:

  • Financial Audit Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Investment sheets
  • Business contracts

Audio Translation

Certified audio translation to meet all your needs

At Harry Clark, we take pride in delivering the best audio translation service in the market. We ensure top quality by having your audio translated by competent and expert translators that are assisted by top technology. We ensure consistency in the translation via our individualised glossary as well as our translation memory system. Harry Clark is certified by any New Zealand government departments. Inquire now and have it certified by any Australian departments too. Simply upload your audio clip that you require certified translation, and you will receive a quote in no time. So, lets get the ball rolling

Other Document translation

Still can’t find what you’re looking for. Don’t worry we can still translate and certify any other document. At Harry Clark we guarantee quality translation at an affordable price and fast delivery. Simply upload your document to receive a quote.

Why Harry Clark Certified Translation

Our translations are accepted and approved in New Zealand by:

  • New Zealand Transport Authority - NZTA
  • Department of Internal Affairs - DIA
  • New Zealand Immigration Service - NZIS
  • Inland Revenue Department - IRD
  • Ministry for Primary Industries - MPI
  • New Zealand Qualification Authority - NZQA


Q. What formats can I upload?

A. You can upload any standard formats from PDF, PNG, and JPEG.

Q. Do I have to bring an original copy to your office?

A. No, a scanned copy or a clear image of your certificate is all we need.

Q. What is your price?

A. Our Price is clear, one standard certificate or Driver license cost $45 and you receive it, 1 working day from payment.

Q. How fast can I get my translation?

A. Simple, 1 working day to receive a PDF copy via email

Q. How do I order?

A. A very simple process. Your first step is to click get quote now

Q. What are your payment options?

A. We have many secure options you may choose from, from PayPal, Poli, to bank transfer.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. All we need from you is your contact details, email address to send you your soft copy, and if your translation is from a non-Latin script (English alphabet) and you wish to translate it into English, then we will also require the names spellings in English according to passport.

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