Certified translation to all world common languages, approved by all NZ government departments including:

  • NZQA 
  • NZ Immigration
  • NZ Citizenship Office
  • NZ Department of Internal Affairs
  • NZ Customs
  • NZ Police
  • NZ Courts

Certified Quality

  • Audited quality translation certified by ISO 17100:2015
  • With quality stamp of New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI)NZ Immigration
  • With quality stamp of National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)


Our translation service in Auckland helps you communicate with the world. From any language you can translate your documents to English or vice versa. We are approved translators for NZ Transport Agency (NZTA), NZ Qualification Authority (NZQA) and NZ Immigration Service (NZIS).

Harry Clark is on a mission to continually satisfy clients with QUALITY certified translation service in auckland for all common world languages within the FASTEST time possible at the most AFFORDABLE price by PROFESSIONAL staff using high-end technology.

Our translators are experienced certified language specialists who are experts in various industry fields. We enjoy ISO 17100 certification in addition to NAATI accreditation. Also, we are among the PREFERRED translators for the New Zealand government.

We stay current with continuous certifications and seminars to ensure we are up-to-date on the newest information, and techniques in our field.

Need assistance with your Website or Document translation? Don’t we all. We’ve got you and your strategic business goals in mind. You and all your translation needs are in expert hands. Leave it to us.

We are committed to deliver the best quality at the shortest possible time.


Hary Clark's translators are native language speakers who produce accurate translations. By hiring us, you can make use of our expertise to target your audience and localize your website or document according to your target's culture.

• Hiring Hary Clark's professional translators can give access to a pool of talented language specialists. We can provide you industry specific translations complying with the industry standards.

• Hary Clark's professional translation services ensures confidentiality of information. We can sign a non-disclosure agreement which inhibits us to disclose or share any information contained in your documents.


• Hary Clark provides cost-effective and comprehensive range of services which include editing, proofreading and formatting unlike freelancer or free translation services.

• Hary Clark provides a human touch to your translations unlike machine translations which cannot maintain the nuances of topics which are related to emotions. Moreover, machine or computerized translations appear to be more generic.

• We deliver quick turnaround unlike a freelance translator who move deadlines and doesn't sign any contract.

• We provide additional services like localization and interpretation services along with language translation.

• We maintain customer relations and have a full range of customer support to handle our client. With a good customer support, you can ask for re-writes and make any changes in the translated document which is not possible with freelance translators.